Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Some of my favorite pictures

Is my dad not the cutest thing you have ever seen? I love this picture. It makes me wish I had a house with
a porch like this somewhere out in the country... I can just imagine sitting on the porch reading a book, hmmm maybe in a rocking chair, slight breeze, glass of ice tea....yep, I wish I was there.

This picture is my dad with his cousin Nick. They grew up more like brothers than cousins so I actually call him my Uncle Nick. Aren't they just the best? They look like they could be a handful don't they....? Come to think of Uncle Nick is still quite a character....I'll tell you more about him later.

And last but not least...this is my grandfather and grandmother. Unfortunately I never met my grandmother, she died when my dad was only four years old. Aren't they beautiful... they really look like an awesome couple. I just love the hat and the suit my grandfather is wearing. By the way, when did people stop dressing like this? I think I should have been born in another time.The twenties and thirties were made for me.. It is glam at it's best. They didn't have much, didn't need much, didn't ask for much and yet don't they look happy...oh, and glamorous...!

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